It’s My Party and I’ll Dine if I Want to!

By May 18, 2012Lifestyle

Thank you to everyone for all of the amazing gifts, treats, flowers and messages on my birthday!!! It was a magical week both mentally and orally… get your mind out of the gutter I ate A LOT!

The Birthday Cupcakes from OMG Baked Goodness were sooooo amazing, like I’m talkin’ full on O, no not foodgasm, the real deal Orgasm. Unlike a man, a cupcake will never EVER let you down… And neither will my daily Uplift Juice from Belmonte Raw. The combination of the two made me super productive alllll weeeek longgggg.

I got calls and flowers from all over the world! Now I don’t cry, like… ever… but when your best friend who you haven’t seen in AGES and who you miss so much it hurts, sends you flowers well, you bawl like a baby– and I did. I spent my birthday evening in the bathtub with half a bottle of scotch and a pan of cupcakes… It was magical, and surprisingly relaxing (sorry liver). I ate them ALL! and I highly recommend spending at least one birthday this way. My father should be proud. 😉

And here is a Birthday picture of me picking my nose… because I’m an adult and shit…

That’s all for now folks, I must go and get ready for my 1920’s themed swing party! xo 

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