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By April 27, 2012Lifestyle

For the past ten days I have been a vegan on the road. Planes, trains and a Ford Focus took us to two countries and 2 states, too many cities to count, with enough water and granola bars to feed a small country. The heat was, well –hot and the beer was, well–warm. But the music was sonic wonder and the dancing, uncontrollable.

First Stop: LA, There’s nothing like a hike up the Hollywood Hills as soon as you step off a plane.

A hike up the Hollywood Hills deserves a meal right? Right! We hit up the famous raw and vegan Cafe Gratitude thanks to a recommendation made by my friend Lyndsy Fonseca. You are right girl! That place was the bomb diggity! One round of Raw Tacos, one Mushroom Veggie Burger, and one Raw Coconut Cream Pie a la mode later…

Second Stop: VEGAS and not pronounced like most normal humans beings do, no here in Cando & Saralicious land we pronounced it with a hard “a” and “g” …. VAGas. Yup juuuust to be vulgar.

The trip started out as most do, with some Queen, air guitar and really poor singing…


After a hard day of travelling we decided the pool and some larger than life tequila’s were in order. If you’ve ever wondered what $50 in tequila looks like, there you have it! Thanks for the highway robbery Aria !

After a little sight seeing, drinks, unsuccessful gambling, burnt tits, a huge trip to Walmart, and one horrible, debilitating hangover, we hop back in the Focus and make our way to Indio, California.

Third Stop: COACHELLA Indio, California –110 degrees. 36 bands, 3 bottles of sun screen, 4 hats, five cases of beer, 2 cases of water, a baby pool, 2 meals, and no sleep — This is Coachella.

Like any other roadtrip we take, we like to keep ourselves occupied with car tunes, air drums and made up songs about absolutely nothing…


It’s hard to give a top 5 in terms of performances as they were all so different and I had such different experiences at each but here is my loose list of top 5’s, in no particular order (most likely to change again by tomorrow).

1. Justice

2. St. Vincent

3. Beirut

4. Santigold

5.  Kasabian

Even as I look at that I am recalling allllll the other incredible acts… but that list will have to do for now.

If you missed out, here is the full lineup … if you haven’t been to a festival get off your ass and go to at least one! And none of this Ottawa’s Bluesfest shit, a REAL music festival!

And with this I leave you a picture of my dirt stained feet (seriously, they’re still filthy!) and a clip of Sara playing air Metallica.


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