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By April 12, 2012Lifestyle

Just because you are vegan or gluten free does not mean you have miss out on one of the worlds tastiest foods — Pizza! I will wholeheartedly admit that I LOVE pizza, it is probably my favorite food. I could eat pizza everyday and be okay with it. So one of the first things I sought out when I switched to a vegan lifestyle was an alternative to pizza. This was a make or break thing here people. Is a life without pizza worth living?!

Well now you don’t need to think about it, I have found the alternative. It lives in the Toronto Based Pizzaria with a love for the environment, local ingredients and is appropriatly titled MAGIC OVEN. And magical it is. They offer a  diverse selection of healthy pizzas, pastas and sandwiches made to accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions and concerns. Everything from organic spelt pizzas, gluten-free rice flour pizzas and the option of vegan or lactose-free cheese. You can go with your traditional favorite or try something wild and crazy like the Phytonutrient Pizza! If that wasn’t incentive enough, they also offer organic specialty wines and beer! We all know beer and pizza has been a match made in heaven even before Harold and Maude. Take a look at the Menu.

Here’s another fun fact, They are so enviromentally friendly that not only is their packaging Eco-friendly but their restaurant locations are all reclaimed sites, saved from demolition crews and featuring recycled furniture and fixtures. Cool right?  So go, go now to one of their 4 locations! … and don’t forget to invite me!

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