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By January 30, 2012Lifestyle

On Friday, the lovely Eva Redpath and I took a trip to Leslieville to visit with Carol Belmonte, Owner and Executive Chef of Belmonte Raw. It is always inspiring to meet with someone who shares my passion for food, and specifically raw food. A beautiful meal paired with wonderful conversation and an even more beautiful host.

First we were given a scrumptious juice; so full of colour and aroma it felt like more of a treat than a health food.



People are always discussing the best place to grab nachos. I have found it! Not So Cheese Nachos, Holy Heaven! I thought I could make a great batch of raw nachos… mine do not even come close to this dish! I consumed this like a vulture, I licked my plate, I am not ashamed.



So we have all heard about my Breakfast Burrito, wrapped in a collard green and ties with a cute bow. Well I am not the only one that does this! Here is Carol’s raw version of a BLT. Yes friends, raw bacon, lettuce, and tomato. The bacon was made of dehydrated eggplant and seasoned (YUMMY). I am sure the look I had on my face while I ate this was priceless. Because I make all my own food it is such a treat to enjoy raw meals prepared with such love.



I would like to take this opportunity to thank Carol once again for her hospitality and for speaking with me about my goals for 2012. If you have not gone to Belmonte Raw for cleanse, a juice or takeout, GO! Trust me it is feel good food that will leave your body feeling loved and energized.

Visit http://belmonteraw.com/

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