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By December 6, 2011Lifestyle

Better learn balance. Balance is key. Balance good, karate good. Everything good. Balance bad, better pack up, go home.” -Karate Kid

Okay, okay so half of you are looking at this title and raising an eyebrow as If I were sitting across the table from you. This makes the fact that I am currently wearing mismatched socks and a Halloween costume, with curlers in my hair, while I’m eating my 4th cookie (because I haven’t had time to cook yet) even more ironic. It’s a Yoda costume by the way… I know, so hot. But seriously this quote really puts everything into perspective doesn’t it?

Friends, I have zero balance in my life. Anyone that knows me, knows this all too well (sorry dudes). I work a full time day job, run my own business, workout 5 days a week and attempt to maintain an active social life. Doesn’t leave much room for those 7-8 hours does it? I have made a promise to myself as we head into the colder months; I will find balance in order to elevate my own life and enjoy my downtime. Imagine if it was as easy as sending the thought out into the universe…

So what is a balanced life, and why does it sound like such an elusive concept? Balance is the taking of appropriate action when circumstances dictate so as to maintain equilibrium. Aka: shifting, changing and adapting.  Frank Herbert once said, “There is no secret to balance. You just have to feel the waves.” Life is just one thing after another, and how we react to these is how we will or will not have balance.

For a week now I have been running off of a schedule I created Sunday night. Like some sort of robot, I find myself at the top of my productive peak when I have timers going off periodically through the day.

My planning goes something like this:

  • First plan the most important events (meetings, work schedule, doctors appointments) and the items that you do repeatedly every week.
  •  Almost as important is working in your physical fitness… This could include the gym, yoga classes or a league you are part of. Remaining active will help you to unwind, clear your mind and continue to live a full healthy life.
  • Make sure to schedule in time for yourself! What do you love to do? What empowers you? Do you have a hobby? or does your idea of relaxing include the couch and the box set of Sex & The City? You are allowed to relax, don’t feel guilty about sitting around once in a while!
  •  Lastly, schedule in time to cook or prepare your meals. I like to do this on Sundays, I make two different types of soup and freeze them in portions for lunches. I also chop all of my vegetables so I can make quick salads, veggie dishes and stir-fry’s. Now that it is getting colder chili is always a treat to come home to.

Remember a clean, healthy home is a balanced home. Something I have learned over the past year is, if my personal life is a mess, then my professional life begins to suffer and vice-versa. Keep all areas of your life clean and tidy.

In order to successfully live a balanced life, you must be performing in all of your roles. Take a look at your roles… what is lacking attention? Are you an incredible accountant but a tired mother? Are you mother of the year, but a cold friend? There are 5 main areas of life that need balancing; personal, work, family & relationships, fitness and finally faith & giving. Life coaches and mentors often use The Wheel Of Life to help you consider each area of your life. It allows you to assess what is off balance and identifies what requires more attention. Click here for a diagram and further explanation.

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