I’ve Got A Friend in You

By November 22, 2011Lifestyle


This week I have a visitor. My best friend Melissa from Ottawa.

I was once told that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Oh how true this is… I personally have seen significant change in my own behaviour, focus and values as I have grown to cultivate more meaningful relationships. As we grow we attract individuals into our lives based on our actions, the energy we are sending out and our values. Bluntly put this means, if you are a shitty person you are more likely to attract shitty people. It is as simple as the law of attraction.

Back to basics folks; anything meaningful and important in life really is that simple. It doesn’t matter if this relates to a healthy lifestyle via eating or exercising, time-management; or the key to creating, building and maintaining positive and fulfilling relationships. What you put in determines what comes out.

It has only been two days and we both feel like more whole people. Having someone around to share your life with is the greatest gift an individual can give you. It is the ultimate form of love to be able to share what you are creating. Whether you have a significant other, a roommate, a cat, or a best friend… there is a feeling of wholeness involved in the sharing, the laughter, the joy of companionship. This is why those with lots of friends and meaningful relationships are so happy! What is the key to happiness? Well its not money… you can have all the money in the world and no friends and still be miserable!

To be honest it feels so good to come home and have someone to cook with while we watch my old movies. Someone that shares my love for dressing up and pretending that my apartment is a house in Tuscany, and not a shithole on Dundas east. We drink a lot of wine, bake a lot of treats and sing and dance quite poorly to music that makes my roommate Andy’s ears bleed. I am also very fortunate to have a live-in stylist and hair dresser, Hizzah!

Friendships are the building blocks of happiness and the key to enjoying your time here on earth. Be good to your friends and they will ensure that you will always be smiling.

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