Try Laughing

By October 2, 2011Lifestyle


Today I mentally prepared myself for tomorrow by doing my daily walking meditation. I had everything ready, but my insides were driving me insane with nervous energy. All day I kept going over the list in my head; business cards-check, blender-check, flyers-check, sanity- to be determined.

After work I worked out my body, as well as my nerves at BODY CONDITIONING BY DANCERS. With raised endorphins and a good amount of cleavage sweat, I was no longer the anxiety-ridden girl that walked into the studio. I took my clear head to Sarah’s and began to bake an obscene amount of cupcakes.

By the time 2am hit, I was elbows deep in coconut lime icing and had eaten so much of my own product, That I felt like someone slipped me some crack. There was so much laughing, dancing and decorating that I didn’t even care about my 5:45 wakeup call.

I learned tonight that any task, big or small can be made stress-free and manageable if you have someone equally as ridiculous helping you out. Laughter cures all stress and makes any job enjoyable. The next time you find yourself groaning about your job, or engaged in a task that you find tedious; I challenge you to try smiling. Just do it with the biggest grin on your face and notice how your body reacts. If you’re at home let out a huge laugh and see what happens. Your body cannot tell the difference between a real laugh and a fake one!

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